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​Homeowners have long known about the durability of epoxy coatings to the concrete floor of their garage.  Easy clean ups, durability, and resistance to stains is well known.  Design and functionality are also recognized.  But there is another benefit to epoxy coatings – waterproofing.  You might not recognize that as a garage benefit right off the top of your head.  But think for a moment about your basement in the house.

A damp basement is a concern to homeowners.  The dampness can lead to nasty bacteria that can also be a health risk.  We are talking about mold and mildew.  When you apply an epoxy coating to the floor surfaces, you are applying waterproof protection.  It will keep moisture from penetrating the underlying foundation.  Which could prevent structural damage in the long run.  Essentially, water sits on top of the epoxy flooring and does not have anywhere to go.  Mopping up any dampness eliminates it and epoxy is resistant to mold and mildew as well.
You cannot deny the ease of cleanup on a nice smooth surface.  Epoxy flooring provides a super easy to clean surface. Dust, dirt, and stains clean up very easily with a mop or vacuum.  There are no cracks or crevices to trap dirt and grime in, causing a headache to try and keep clean.  It is simply a stress-free, easy cleaning job, with minimal maintenance required.  Epoxy also tends to be more slip-resistant as well, giving it also a safety benefit.
Epoxy can almost be thought of as a protective shield over concrete.  It is very durable and will protect concrete flooring for many years to come.  Even if homeowners decide to finish the flooring with other materials, such as laminate flooring or carpeting, what a great base to start from.  You can be assured that, whatever you should choose later, the epoxy is still a valuable choice to do now.
Let’s speak for just a moment about the different colors and styles that epoxy coating can bring to your basement.  Beside from the fact of it’s outstanding water protection and its durability, it can really enhance the appearance of the flooring of your basement, blending in beautifully with your already outstanding style and finishing touches.  We have seen many people absolutely shocked and surprised that the flooring is an epoxy coating.

A lot of people may be under the impression that applying epoxy is easy to do.  And they may be right to a certain extent.  However, when you choose to hire a professional to handle the job for you, you can be certain that they have ensured the proper preparation work has been done, the correct type of product used for the expected results, and the application of the product is done correctly.  It may come down to the difference in having to do constant touch ups or living with a finished result that wasn’t really what you were looking for to begin with.  In more situations than one, a professional is hired to fix the issues of the unskilled workmanship.  It may be worth considering this, before you attempt to do this yourself, just to save a few bucks.  In the long run, it could cost you more.